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What’s Traveling Really Like in an RV?

Are you thinking about buying a new RV and traveling around the US? We did it! And we want to share with you things to think about before you buy and how to plan your travels. We’ll throw in a few tips and tricks we’ve learned so far as well!

Podcast Show Notes

0:23 Thinking about buying an RV
1:48 Pros and cons of vans, driving RVs, and pulling a trailer
5:10 Why we decided on a trailer – our reasoning
9:13 Buying the Trailer is only the first step – getting ready to camp
14:47 Driving with a trailer – that feeling!
17:18 Lessons learned – steep learning curve
30:46 Corinne’s Phobia

Parking the RV in the middle of the Badlands, South Dakota to take in the views.

Traveling in an RV, Is it right for you?

It seems like everyone is interested in buying some type of RV and hitting the road. With travel overseas still iffy, if you are like us, you may have felt cooped up for the last couple of years. After canceling the majority of our travel plans for 2020, we hoped we’d be able to leave the country in 2021. That hasn’t been the case.

Instead we put our heads together and began researching how to buy that RV now, instead of waiting until later. We just had to get out of Washington and do some family visiting as well as seeing some new places. It’s what we love!

At a pull-out near Cody, Wyoming, we parked the RV for the amazing views.
Taking backroads while traveling cross-country pulling a trailer is always a great idea. Here we stopped at a fuel station somewhere in Colorado.

Worth Mentioning


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Do you have an RV? What kind and why did you choose what you did? Would you do things differently now? Do you have any lessons learned from your journeys?