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About US

Best views of Grand Canyon at Grandview Point.

Welcome to RovingVails! Jim and I started this website many years ago, and then changed our name and veered into a different direction as we traveled the world. You can find all articles covering our travels from Albania to Zambia (and many points in between) on our companion site, ReflectionsEnroute.

We also have a travel podcast called Streets and Eats. Give us a listen, and let us know what you think.

As things tend to do, we’ve decided to resurrect this beauty. Our goal is to make traveling easier in North America. We specialize in Road Tripping, camping, and weekend getaways. If you’ve got the time to get out on the road, chances are, we can help you find the best way to spend that time. It’s a big place, and there is plenty to do, so stay tuned as we share more and more info on how to make your travels easier and more fulfilling.

Jim and I are the writers, editors, photographers, and videographers of this website. When we can we’ll enlist help from other family members, and sometimes other bloggers, but for the most part it’s all us.